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Dream of clean energy
Beyond Einstein, Newton、To antigravity
"The gravity attenuation right rotation gyro"
Anti-gravity is Topology gravity theory of the underlying
CIA Home Library(CIA exhibits "X file" about a UFO by a official site.)
Spacecraft construction project -Jump out into space in antigravity-
Top secret video American state-of-the-art anti-gravity fighters TR-3B (UFO-OVNI USA)
Japan, it is desirable to continue to own domestic production as soon as possible "UFO development of Japan"
The near future, the power of the car is all also flying car to use the anti-gravity magnetic energy will be a constantly.
NASA TV  NASA  hubblesite  Image  SOHO  JAXA  JAXATV  Image

〇Electrical thrust deviceーAdamski typeーPatent(Patent publication S37-6555).PDF
〇Propulsion system andFlying object propulsion systemーHAYASAKA HIDEO Etc.ーPatent(Patent publication 2000-161200).PDF

The title of the invention: PROPULSION DEVICE FOR FLYING BODY
Publication number 05-172040、 Date of publication of application 09.07.1993 、Application number 03-356180 、Date of filing 24.12.1991、Applicant NEC CORP、Inventor MINAMI YOSHINARI
PURPOSE: To provide a space drive type propulsion device using space strain energy generated in the space itself as a propulsion force, while controlling the curvature component of the space with magnetic energy, by providing a flying body with a magnetic energy generation means and a magnetism control means. CONSTITUTION: A flying body 1 or a disc is formed to be, for example, elliptical, and propulsion engines 21 to 26 are respectively laid, for example, at four peripheral positions resulting from the equal division of a disc periphery, and at both center positions on the upper and lower sides of the disc. The engines 21 to 26 are so constituted that magnetic energy generation means and magnetism control means for the control thereof are arranged in such a way as corresponding to each other on a one-to-one basis. In this case, the magnetic energy generation means generates strong magnetic field, and increases the value of the curvature component of space around the body 1, thereby generating acceleration field as space strain energy. Also, the magnetism control means localizes the change of the curvature component in a quasi-antisymmetrical way and, at the same time, changes the magnetic field, for example, like a pulse for obtaining a propulsion force.

Publication number 2000-161200 、Date of publication of application 13.06.2000 、Application number 10-335623 、Date of filing 26.11.1998 、Applicant HAYASAKA HIDEO ,MINAMI YOSHINARI ,SUGIYAMA TOSHIKI ,HASHIDA TOSHIYUKI 、Inventor HAYASAKA HIDEO ,MINAMI YOSHINARI ,SUGIYAMA TOSHIKI
PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a propulsion device and a flying object propulsion device that use space drive type magnetic fluid circulation whereby accelerations as high as several tens of G and quasi-light velocity as the final attainable velocity can be obtained with a relatively low magnetic field. SOLUTION: An annular tube 1 confines a magnetic fluid 6 which rotates rightward (clockwise as seen from above). The annular tube 2 vertically overlaps the annular tube 1 to confine a magnetic fluid 7 which rotates leftward (counterclockwise as seen from above). Pairs of electromagnets 3a-3h sandwich the annular tubes 1, 2 and apply the polarities of a magnetic field alternately thereto. A laser beam source irradiates laser beams to the magnetic fluids 6, 7 of the annular tubes 1, 2 between the alternately installed electromagnets. A drive pump 8 causes the magnetic fluids 6, 7 to circulate in opposite directions.

Secret video American state-of-the-art anti-gravity fighters TR-3B、 ← UFO-OVNI USA 、 〇How Anti-Gravity Work_
Nuclear Powered UFO TR-3B
〇The TR-3B How it Work? (YouTube) 、 〇Each video(YouTube) 〇The TR-3B Image 〇The TR-3B Taliban attack
◎Dr. Hideo Hayasaka (anti-gravity of the spacecraft)YouTube〇HAYASAKA (Spacecraft,UFO) YouTube

〇Dr. Hideo Hayasaka
The notice to nuclear power limit、The start of the study the energy generation by other methods、The results「The gravity attenuation due to right rotation gyro」 ( H. Hayasaka, S Takeuchi. Anomalous weight reduction on a gyroscope's right rotations around the vertical axis on the earth. Phys.Rev.Lett.63:2701-4,1989.)Presentation at。
〇Features of free energy technology development and various aspects〇The gravity attenuation due to right rotation gyro―HAYASAKA &Takeuchi
NASA, the US Air Force, Aircraft maker there was a proposal of the joint research、Hayasaka is「We believe that the Japanese do with Japanese forces as our policy」 It refused to say。 This study seems to have been carried out in secret quite seriously.。
●Japan, it is desirable to continue the domestic production of "UFO development of Japan".。

〇Dr. Hideo Hayasaka( Antigravity spacecraft )YouTube
〇Hayasaka(Antigravity ) YouTube Each video/a>
◎Spacecraft construction project(NASA has offered funding、Let's jump out into space in antigravity propulsion!)Hayasaka Hideo (Author)Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd.
Space fifth force, Anti-gravity still existed (Shocking Science) Hayasaka Hideo (Author)Tokuma Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd./a>
Iwasaki Shiro 「Antigravity latest research」 YouTube
How Anti-Gravity Work_ Nuclear Powered UFO TR-3B

Antigravity Japanese Patent Application status
Right rotation gyro Japanese Patent Application status

UFO is soul?、Alien flying object?、TR-3B (UFO-OVNI USA)?

・Certainly Fukushima when the Great East Japan Earthquake, had come a UFO in Tokyo sky。
Tokyo Shinjuku unidentified floating object UFO
「Witness and shooting location is Kita-Shinjuku, witnessed by 20 people, When the first witness was a formation of about 100 aircraft」 (2011/05/08 Uploaded on)
April 2011 at the UFO Fukushima sky (with commentary)
In Japan, although no news UFO that has come out in Fukushima sky,It has been great interest in Mexico Alien, it will're watching or to avoid the crisis and how mankind.

・A large amount of UFO appearance in Osaka? Overseas media reports, domestic media silence. (2015/07/27 Published on)
British Daily Mail newspaper and leaves fin ton Post, reported that the flying object such as a UFO in Osaka sky appeared. Silence is, in the Japanese media, the UFO phenomenon has been reported that probably because there is a tendency to capture the "well in entertainment," "bad a non-scientific occult" ... (Later part of the domestic media is it told a British newspaper has reported)
Is not a taboo for fear of panic, Japan, it is desirable to continue to the domestic production of "UFO development of Japan"
According to the confidential documents of the US government、 In the underground base of the United States, Nevada Area 51 that developed this technology, that thousands scale of American scientists are engaged in research. (UFO manufacturing method is substantially clarified)

(American mythology)
New Adamski Complete Works  Kubota Hachiro Reason、Central Art publishers
・1947 US Air Force knew the identity of the UFO. 、 ・Contact it does telepathically.、 ・Also human body disintegrates, the soul is immortal forever (Although some people say it's soul Adamski deny) 、・UFO to utilize the energy of the space that exists naturally.(There is that for pressure group pressure) 、 ・Aliens fear most the use of war-nuclear.

・『New Adamski Complete Works』1(Earth visitor from the second planet)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』2(ESP Development Act)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』3(Science in the 21st century / life)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』4(UFO Questions and Answers 100)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』5(Venus-Saturn Explores the)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』6(The mystery of the UFO)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』7(21 century of the universe philosophy)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』8(UFO · Human ・Space)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』9(Truth of UFO)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』10(Superman George Adamski)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』11(How to integrated with the universe beyond the body)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』12(Law of the universe)
・『New Adamski Complete Works』Separate volume(UFO-- complete evidence from space)

Japan GAP journal(Read recommended)
Japanese version「UFO contactee」  ( No. 1~145) [Download]
English version「UFO contactee」  (No.1~No.13) [Downloadド]

Adamski (Clip 1) Adamski (Clip 2) Adamski (Clip 3) Adamski (Clip 4) Adamski (Clip 5) Adamski (Clip 6) Adamski (Clip 7) Adamski (Clip 8)
secret UFONASA secretThe object of mystery to the moon

〇Electrical thrust deviceーAdamski typeーPatent(Patent publication S37-6555).PDF
george adamski、  george adamski ufo video、  george adamski youtube
UFO Photo album 、  Photos of Adam skiing is a real

And even President Eisenhower met with aliens、 Kenedei president was showing a military secret facility believed Adamski. Even as the tried to announce the UFO presence. While UFO and aliens have been taboo, It is also said that if not to announce before retiring President Obama.

(President Kennedy had supported secretly Adamski. He seems to have been aimed at hull development at the same level as the alien spaceship applying the gravitational field Promotion Law by electromagnetism that do not require fossil fuel.)  
References movie.
・Antigravity Search 、  ・Anti-gravity propulsion system Search
・Antigravity Video 、  Anti-gravity propulsion device Video
・Antigravity(YouTube)、  Anti-gravity propulsion system(YouTube)
・UFO anti-gravity (search)、  ・UFO anti-gravity (Video Search)
・UFO principle anti-gravity device (search) ・UFO principle anti-gravity device (Video Search)
・GAP(Space philosophy and UFO research networkCosmic Consciousness) www.adamski.jp
Japan GAP journal「UFO contactee」Catalog Download back issues [ PDF]
・Adamski Search Adamski Video/a>、
・UFO Search UFO Video
・The Avengers (search) Movie "Iron Man 3" trailer video Movie (Japanese dubbed version)

Prophecy from a person
■2014 ~2016 Prophecy
 European of 1/3 and the United States of 1/3 resulting in devastation. Africa and the Middle East also completely devastated. Now of civilization eventually not only left the desert. But the human race is not perish still.。 Part of Germany, the central portion of the United States and the Soviet Union, Japan and China even survive while assume the deep wound.
■2039 prophecy
 January 2039, the human race has disappeared from Earth.
 And, since January, humanity, evolved into more of God to become who appears in "God people". They have more than a few dimensional intelligence and ability, any crisis or problem solves the "God people"   "Robot man" is able to comfortably live is compliant of "God people".
■2089 - 2099 prophecy
 The world is completed that divided "perfect gods only of the world," said the world only of "complete mechanization organism". Live a herd of mechanization organisms on the ground, so that the gods will dominate it from space…….

★It does not mean that the human race in 2039 perish because of accident or war or disaster of something
Humanity, or to emigrate to other planets, Or as a ascension we might live in high-dimensional.
★"God Man" is born from Japan prophecy of superman of appearance!?
Mankind prophecy and create a "superman that can dominate the new world." The test site is also predicted that some in the east = Japan. It's said to be born by the mutation.

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〔Dream of clean energy〕

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